COVID-19 Arrangements for Cigna Members

How to use DoctorNow Health Concierge Service?

  • Access to DoctorNow Health Concierge Team at +852 9666-9240
  • Timely health advice during COVID-19 pandemic period
  • Primary Health Risks Assessment of contracting COVID-19 virus
  • Suggestion of Actions – Emergency Unit / Telemedicine/ Private Clinics / In-home COVID-19 Test
  • Chronic Disease Advice and Support
  • Text communication only
  • Operation Hours: 9am-6pm (Mondays-Fridays, excluding public holidays)

    COVID-19 Testing Flow

    • Patient approaches DoctorNow Health Concierge Team via WhatsApp at +852 9666-9240
    • DoctorNow Health Concierge Team sends an Electronic Questionnaire for doctor’s pre-consultation screening
    • Video consultation with HK Registered Medical Doctor from HOME Medical Centre
    • Specimen Collection Bottle will be delivered to the Patient same day of Consultation
    • Patient collects Deep Throat Sputum / Saliva in the next morning (after getting up and before brushing teeth, eating or drinking)
    • The Specimen Bottle should be placed inside two sealable Plastic bag and please place the Test Request form in the outer bag (if any)
    • Patient or his / her proxy deliver the specimen by person to any of the Collection Clinics in Hong Kong (Before 1300 on Weekdays only)
    • Medical Certificate would be emailed to patient 2-3 days after specimen received
    • Clinic Nurse would contact patient to explain the result and suggest follow-up action

      For sample-collection details, please refer to the video instructions provided by the Hospital Authority


      List of Collection Points for Submission of Specimens by Patients of Private Doctors for COVID-19 testing -

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