Changing the way
healthcare is delivered

See a doctor from wherever you are

When it’s time for your appointment your doctor will call you through DoctorNow app, so there’s no waiting around. The doctor will discuss your symptoms with you and may ask you to show them some things on camera, such as a skin rash, or perform simple checks, like feeling the glands on your neck. You’ll need to make sure you’re in a private place with a reliable internet connection. If for any reason your internet is lost, your doctor will call you back.


Professional Service

You can get all the care from DoctorNow through video consultation or making a face-to-face appointment at our clinic.

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Anytime anywhere

Enable patients to initiate a video consultation at anytime, anywhere.


Medication Delivery

We offer same-day medication delivery.

Manage Your Time Make things More Oraganized

DoctorNow is a healthcare service provider, aiming to “Change the Way Healthcare is Delivered”. We utilize telemedicine technology to provide convenient and quality healthcare solutions to our clients and as an alternative to conventional medical practice.

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