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DoctorNow is a healthcare service provider utilizing Telemedicine Technology to provide Convenient and Quality Healthcare Solutions on demand, with an aim to Change the Way Healthcare is Delivered as well as to give both medical professionals and patients an alternative to conventional medical practice.


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We strive to provide a more convenient, faster and cost efficient way connecting doctors and patients by utilizing Telemedicine Technology

Advancing virtual health in Asia

If you live in Europe or the U.S., it’s likely you have already experienced some form of virtual health – or ‘telemedicine’ as it’s often referred to. And no wonder, with the UK’s National Health Service recently reporting up to three-week waiting periods for a doctor’s appointment. While waiting times in developed markets in Asia are relatively low – between one and three hours in most emergency departments in Hong Kong and Singapore – busy executives still find the making and keeping of minor medical appointments a chore.

OneDegree夥拍信諾 網銷醫療保險

保險公司信諾(Cigna)行政總裁陳宇文接受訪問時指出,與OneDegree創始人之一梁德源相識多年,在改革保險業上抱持相同目標,希望令投保及理賠客戶體驗更好,故此沒談太多便一拍即合,透過OneDegree Global平台網銷複雜醫療保險產品。

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